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Leadership Perspectives

“Some of the most important aspects of difference between the corporate world and the social sector are the triad of issues concerning definitions of Organisational Impact, Leadership Effectiveness and Strategy development. These three are also interconnected in several ways and one weak link can possibly weaken the whole chain and thus reduce overall organisational effectiveness”

Samit Aich – CEO, S3IDF

Leadership Perspectives! There is no “I” in Leader

The Leadership Deficit in the Social Sector

mr-rajan-mani1Having worked the development sector for over two decades, it is evident that there is a growing need to build leadership.  If we look right from grass root level to the bigger NGOs, the proprietor was a visionary and was clear what needed be done. However, when we look at the second line leadership, there is a big vacuum.  This is not to say that there are no committed workers in the social sector, as programs are being implemented successfully, resulting in impact.  There is a need for the social sector to get fresh blood to lead organizations and prove to the senior leaders that they are capable of running institutions.  We are in an era of change, where one needs to adapt to newer technologies and ways of doing business. Hence, investing in potential talents is important to bridge the gap.

Mr. Rajan Mani
Director – Finance & Ops- India, HIV/AIDS Alliance

Do NGOs focus enough on capacity building for their leaders and staff?


There are a number of reasons why not enough focus is not being made in the area of capacity building. Firstly, people are too engrossed in implementing programs and do not have the time to reflect on areas where they need to build their capacity. Secondly, there is no one to mentor the people on one’s career growth. Thirdly, even if people have identified capacity building needs, there is no funds to support the training. Donors are willing to pay staff salary but are reluctant to invest in staff capacity building.  Organizations are struggling to keep operations running so additional investment from their limited unrestricted funds in the area of capacity building come low on priority.  These factors do affect the motivation levels in leaders and staff resulting in fatigue and high turnovers. I do believe that Aritra program would bridge this gap to some extent especially for the leaders.

Mr. Rajan Mani
Director – Finance & Ops- India, HIV/AIDS Alliance

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    tosca-thumbnail1Historically, the NGO sector has underinvested significantly in leadership development, as compared to the government as well as private sectors. I am glad to see that Aritra is making a serious contribution to fixing this problem in the Indian context
    Ms. Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken, Director, Transnational NGO Initiative, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, USA

Leadership Perspectives – Role of leaders in the changing Indian social sector environment

24-Aug-2016 – Launch of Aritra – Leadership Accelerator Program