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Aritra is a leadership journey for the 100 participants.  A journey that requires mentors, coaches, expert speakers, subject matter experts, project guides and so on in order to be truly fulfilling and value-adding for the participants.

We seek your participation and engagement in the following roles –

  • Be a mentor to the participants – engage with them periodically over their development journey to provide insights, help trouble shoot, review their learning progress etc. This requires sustained, planned engagement.
  • Play the role of an SME (subject matter expert) in your area of expertise – participants may want to reach out to you to seek your expert guidance on critical issues and opportunities they may have. This requires occasional, need-based engagement.
  • Be a guest speaker or a panelist in relevant sections of the program – your insights and experience will prove invaluable. This is a one-off engagement.
  • Be a sponsor of one or more seats on the program – your contribution could help set an example for others in the sector to follow! This requires financial support.
  • Institutionalize a sponsorship in your name or in the name of your foundation / organization – needy candidates could go a long way with this support.  This requires financial support.