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Change in IIMB Module Workshop dates – Please refer – Course Details section below.

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Aritra seeks to groom and build a 100 leaders from the social sector to take on senior management positions. Participants will be high potential individuals with a proven track record in the social sector.  Aritra will fast track their journey to senior leadership roles.

It is an intensive 15-month program that participants complete while continuing to work in their current organizations and roles.  The Program leverages multiple modes including 16 days of residential sessions at the IIMB campus spread over Year 1, MOOCs, coaching, mentoring and peer learning sessions.  Post these 15 months, participants experience a vibrant alumni program combined with online resources and networking events.

A galaxy of stakeholders will be interwoven to ensure program impact – mentors, coaches, the participant’s line manager, HR Manager and Head of organization, SMEs and so on.

A dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) will anchor the program, knit all the various moving parts together for the participant and ensure research, communication, tracking and monitoring.

This is a rigorous program.  It will require the highest levels of dedication, commitment, self-discipline and resilience to embark on a tough, challenging and exciting leadership journey through Aritra!

Individuals who meet the following eligibility criteria are welcome to apply:

  • Passionate about social change
  • A minimum of 8 years of work experience
  • At least 5 years in the social sector
  • Grass root level experience is critical
  • Proven ability to deliver results

Disclaimer: We encourage and actively support diversity of all kinds and do not discriminate based on gender, disability, marital status, race, colour, caste, religion and social status

The application process is a 4 step process. Applicants who qualify at each step will proceed to the next step. 

Step 1: Complete an online application form. Applicants selected in this step will proceed to the next step

Step 2: Submit a recommendation letter, the details of which will be made available when the application process opens.

Step 3: Attend a skype discussion.

If you clear this step, you will be asked to submit a letter from your organization (CEO / HR Head) confirming their consent for you to participate in Aritra.  This is to ensure that we have their support in making the program a success for you.

Step 4: Attend a final panel discussion




Round 1 – Application Form Submission


Announcement of Shortlisted Applicants who qualify to Step 2


Round 2 – Deadline for submission of Recommendation letters


Round 3 – Announcement – Skype Discussion & Shortlisting

05-Feb -2017

Round 4 – Panel Discussion


Consent letter from parent organization will be required
Announcement of final selected candidates



The Intensive 15 Months on-the-job program consist of the following components. Detailed modules and coverage will be shared closer to the start of the program

  1. 16-day residential course at IIMB campus, in blocks of 6 + 5 + 5 days; each block occurring every quarter, starting July 2017
    July 10 – 15, 2017
    Monday – Saturday (6 Days)
    November 27 – December 01, 2017
    Monday – Friday (5 Days)
    March 05 – 09, 2018 (Tentative)
    To be announced
  2. Each residential component will be interspersed with online courses, assessments, action learning projects and peer learning components
  3. Every participant will be assigned to a mentor – a senior leader from the social sector, to review the learning journey, to help trouble shoot, to provide guidance and support
  4. Every participant will also be provided a coach – a trained expert who will guide the learning process through the journey

On an average, participants will spend 3-4 days every month on components 2, 3 and 4 above.

Program Fees:

The organization you are a part of, is invested in this intensive process and will be required to sponsor you for this program. Below is the split of the program fees:

IIMB Workshop Modules (16 days spread across 3 workshops)
Note: This is being offered by IIMB at a highly subsidized rate
INR 1,20,750/-
(Inclusive of tax @ 15%)
Aritra Program components (spread across 15 months)
MOOCs, Mentoring, Coaching, Assessment Gates, Exposure visits, Action learning events, etc.
Note: This cost is highly subsidized for the participant NGOs
INR 3,79,250/-
(Inclusive of tax @ 15%)
INR 5,00,000/-
(Inclusive of tax)

The payment details will be made available shortly

1. What is the Aritra program? Aritra is a leadership accelerator program that aims to build 100 leaders in the social sector.

It aims to identify high potential individuals with a proven track record in the social sector and fast track their journey to senior leadership roles in the social sector.

2. What is the rigour of the program? Aritra is an intensive and rigorous program that will span 15 months. Post these 15 months, the participant will be supported by an active alumni engagement component as well as periodic reviews and progress checks through the program management office.

Your organization along with you, will be investing significant time in this program. It is a journey and will require your sustained commitment in order to unlock its maximum value.

3. Who should apply for the Aritra program? If you are passionate about social change, have a proven track record of results, have worked in the social sector and at the grassroot level, you must apply for the Program!

It will require the highest levels of dedication, commitment, self-discipline and resilience to embark on a tough, challenging and exciting leadership journey through Aritra!


Look up the Eligibility criteria for more details.

4. What is the educational and experience qualification I need to apply for this program? Graduate in any discipline.

A minimum of 8 years’ experience

5 years in the social sector with strong grass roots exposure and proven results

5. What does grass root level experience mean? You should have worked closely with communities and beneficiaries of the services offered by your organization; A hands-on field or implementation role
6. What is the selection process? The program has a very rigorous selection process. Your application will be shortlisted basis the eligibility criteria. Post this step, you will be asked to submit a video that helps you showcase yourself and your work. This step also asks for 2 recommendation letters.

Upon shortlisting, you will attend a skype interview followed by a panel interview. Prior to the panel interview, you will also be asked to submit a consent letter from your organization, committing to support you through this journey.

The selection process is guided by the following principles:

  • Multiple assessment criteria validated across multiple tools
  • Multi-stage process to ensure process rigour
  • Multi-selector panel to ensure we eliminate any bias
  • Focused completely on evidence of past performance
7. How many candidates will be selected for the program? Our aim is to build a 100 leaders over 3 batches. Each batch will have a cohort size of 30 to 35 participants
8. What is the program schedule and the program components? Refer to the Course Details section
9. How many days in the program journey do I need to be away from work? This program is embedded in your work. It is essential that you continue to work as your go through this program. We recognize that you will have operational responsibilities and will have to strike a balance.

You will be required to spend 16 days at the IIMB campus in Bangalore. These are in blocks of 6, 5 and 5 days, one block every quarter starting July 2017 respectively.

Apart from the above, you will need to spend 3 to 4 days every month on different components including MOOCs, self-reading, assignments, projects, peer interactions etc. This is inclusive of your time you will spend with your mentor, coach and the program management office for regular reviews and progress checks.

10. What happens if I leave the current organization midway through the program journey We are committed to supporting you, wherever you are. However, the organization you are a part of, is invested in this intensive process and for you in the program. The organization that you join next should provide their consent and commitment to supporting you on this program.
11. I am interested in the program but my managers have not been informed. At what stage do I need to get their consent? Prior to the panel interview (Step 4 in the application & selection process), you will also be asked to submit a consent letter from your organization, committing to support you through this journey.
12. What is the certificate I get at the end of the program? You will get a certificate of completion signed by all partners of Aritra.

You will also get a certificate from IIMB on successful completion of the 18-day residential component.  Please note that certification is contingent on successful completion of all the modules of the program – residential sessions, coaching, mentoring and peer sessions, assignments, MOOCs, projects.

13. What if I attend all IIMB residential modules but am unable to complete the rest of the modules, will I still get the IIMB certificate? No. All certificates of completion will be given subject to completion of all mandatory components of the program.
14. Will I get a stipend as a part of this program? No. There is no stipend provided in the program
15. What is the course fee? What is the payment process? How and when do I pay? Please refer course details section for more information on the program fees.
16. Do you offer scholarships for this program? Yes.

The details of the scholarships will be made available shortly

17. I may be posted abroad after completion of the Aritra program. Would this program still be relevant and beneficial for me in an international context? The program is relevant, as long as you continue to work in the social sector. However, it does have a strong application orientation to the Indian social sector, at the same time leverages international practices and knowledge to deepen understanding.

If you envisage an international placement in the foreseeable future, we would recommend that you check on the program schedule, since it does involve significant application of learning within India.

18. If I get posted abroad midway through the program what happens then? If you envisage an international placement in the foreseeable future, we advise you to consider applying to the next cohort of the Aritra program
19. I am not an Indian citizen, can I apply for this program? No. This program is open to Indian citizens only
20. Are there any age limits to apply this program? No. Having said that, the program rigour is going to force a lot un-learning and re-learning. If you are up to it, we would love to meet you! Send in your application